Basic Essential Oil Information



Essential oils are a vital part of the Green Skunk Deodorant. We spent a lot of time researching the oils in our product before putting them into the bottle that you buy. And we learned a lot about the oils along the way…

Recently, I found this great article about things you should know about essential oils. It’s a great summary! And if you have any interest in EO, please give it a read.

One thing they didn’t describe well though is what an Essential Oil IS. The article stated it’s not an oil – and they were right. It’s not oil. Oil, by definition, is a non-polar chemical substance that is a liquid at room temperatures and that has a water loving end and a oil/fat loving end. Common oils are olive oil, gasoline and of course butter. This is a picture of a triglyceride.


Essential oils, on the other hand, are comprised of parts of the plant that do not like water – no water loving parts in these! They have been used in medicinal, food and religious applications for centuries and have many different means of extraction. A common use that most of us use? Perfume (well, at least the very expensive natural perfumes that is).

Because essential oils don’t like water, you have to have a carrier substance to dilute and disperse them in… usually another common oil, like olive or sweet almond. Or, in our case, grain alcohol. And, for Green Skunk Deodorant, the grain alcohol has the added benefit of also killing the stink causing microbes in addition to what the essential oils do.

I’ll be talking about grain alcohol next time – stay tuned! And please keep enjoying the sweetest smelling Skunk around!

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