Glass Bottles – The Skunky New Look

The Skunk has new bottles! (And much better pictures!) View the “before” pictures with my mediocre photography skills…

bay sm

And the after picture from my talented photography friend.


The new bottles are MADE IN THE USA and are GLASS. No more chemical polluting plastic for us! (Well, the sprayer is plastic but we’ve yet to find a way around that.)

Why the switch? Honestly, it is simple. It is because plastics are bad. Remember a few years ago? There was a big to-do about BPA in plastics being bad. And so baby bottle companies and other places put on a show of taking the BPA out of plastics and how that made their plastic safer and better. And we bought into it and our babies were A OK drinking milk out a plastic bottle.

But then, we realized there was more to the issue. The real question was – what was the BPA replaced with? In March, the Mother Jones magazine published a fantastic article talking about this very issue. And the news isn’t good. In fact, it’s down right scarey.

Bottom line – don’t use plastics if you can avoid them. Whatever you do, don’t heat anything in the microwave in plastics. Avoiding them is a great goal, but even things like canned foods have it – plastic lines the cans. Makes those green peas seem super healthy now right (and the peas and the plastic are heated in the canning process) doesn’t it?


So, after much searching we finally found a US made glass bottle that didn’t cost a whole lot more – and we made the switch. We did it because we really don’t want plastics in the stuff that we use and we want you to be as healthy as you can while using our products. It’s the responsible thing to do and it’s the healthy thing to do.

Please enjoy our new product design. Expect to be seeing it on your favorite store shelves as the stores reorder. And here’s to continuous improvements and steps toward a healthy and green life.

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